My Chemical Romance [ Gerrard is Not Die ]

This is my favorite band. All of their songs are very nice. The best song that i'd like is "I don't love You". According to me this song can make my heart calmly and happy. The arransement is very nice. I have a dreams to met with them. I have heard that Gerrard was Die. I am not believe that Gerrard was die because if he die. Maybe ican't found more the voice like him. Until now, i still not believe that Gerrard was die. Gerrard still life.........


This is my mother and my younger sister photo's, when my brother call my family to come in their academic. My family go to yogya where my brother stay to get learning in his Academic. They are goto there except me!!! Oh i want to cry!!!??? I'm not going together because still school. My mother said that Yogyakarta has many tourism place. Such as CandiBorobudur, Malioboro, and others. She bring me many souvenir(handy craft) from there. May if i have times, i'd like to come in Yogyakarta. In Indonesia Yogyakarta is Education City.